Industrial Audio/Video, Inc. (IAV) is a communications company that provides audiovisual systems design, integration, maintenance and support services to corporations, education, healthcare, government, legal organizations and houses of worship. Communications solutions include digital signage, audio and videoconferencing, teleconferencing, VOIP phone and control systems.


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AMX Resource Management Suite Enterprise Now Offers Google Calendar as Scheduling Interface
AMX Resource Management Suite Enterprise Now Offers Google Calendar as Scheduling Interface
Shaun Robinson, Senior Vice President of AMX Product Marketing introduces us to the latest addition to AMX RMS Enterprise. Google Calendar is now available as the latest addition to the AMX Resource Management Suite (RMS) Enterprise schedule interface lineup. Google Calendar is a tool used to organize & share events & is widely used by businesses & schools. Integrating it with RMS allows end us...

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Enova DGX 8 Enclosure
Enova DGX 8 Enclosure

Enova DGX



Enova DGX 16 Digital Media Switcher

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The Enova DGX 16 Enclosure is a Digital Media Switcher that includes an integrated NetLinx controller, redundant power supplies and can be populated with Enova DGX video input and output boards in addition to optional audio insert/extract boards. There are four connections per video board, and each enclosure holds four video input boards and four video output boards for a maximum matrix of 16x16.

The Enova DGX 16 is far beyond a modular media switcher with built-in controller, it functions as the centerpiece of a complete integrated solution that manages and distributes analog and digital audio and video including HDMI/HDCP, control and Ethernet. Easily integrate HDCP into system designs and enjoy hassle-free plug-and-play operation. No tools, no delays and no key constraints - it just works with AMX's exclusive InstaGate Pro® Technology. Built for today's and tomorrow's needs, a comprehensive set of Enova DGX hot swappable boards can be used in conjunction with DXLink and DGX Transmitters and Receivers to provide an end-to-end distribution system over twisted pair cable or fiber*. An integrated NetLinx Controller and embedded Ethernet switch enables management of the entire solution including source equipment and display devices located throughout the environment, all from a single point of control.

In addition to eliminating HDCP delays, InstaGate Pro allows traditionally key limited sources to be switched freely to all connected HDCP compliant displays, eliminating HDCP key limitations that plague large applications. Built-in SmartScale® Technology on every output provides video that is perfectly scaled for each connected display, eliminating the integration challenges that can occur when sources and displays have different supported resolutions, making it easy to specify, easy to install and easy to use. With the powerful combination of analog-to-digital signal conversion, video scaling and high speed digital switching the system delivers perfect video every time, regardless of signal type.

As part of a complete distribution system, easily send analog or digital audio and video including HDMI with HDCP signals, plus control and power up to 100 meters over one standard twisted pair cable to and from the Enova DGX using the DXLink Transmitters/Receivers.

The Enova DGX 16 is ideal for commercial or residential installations requiring the highest quality video to be shared between 16 local or remote AV sources and destinations. Compact form factor allows for installation in locations where space is limited and included redundant power supplies provides for constant uptime for mission critical applications.
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